Weekly outline

  • General

    Instructor: Serkan Algan

    Email: algan(at)metu.edu.tr

    Office: S118

    Office Hours: 

    Mon: 13:40-15:30

    Wed: 15:40-17:30

    Thu: 15:40-17:30

    • 22 February - 26 February

      First Session: 

      Introduction to the Course

      Introductory Unit

      While Listening 1: Street Survey on the Concept of Power

      While Listening 2: Research Findings on the Concept of Power

      Second Session: 

      Research Skills: Below you may access two documents which pretty much cover the basic research process.  "Basics of Doing Research" is a detailed summary of the items that we will discuss in the classroom. "Using the Library Resources"  is a tutorial for first year students, prepared by METU Library. For further information please visit: http://ww2.lib.metu.edu.tr/en/yan.php?id=42

    • 7 March - 11 March

      First Session:

      Borrowing ideas: summarizing and direct quotation

      Second Session:


      IDT #1 on APA Citation 

    • 14 March - 18 March

      First Session:

      Unit 1 - Power and the Individual

      Reading Text: "Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - A Commander and an Effective Leader"

      Second Session:

      While Listening 1: Student Presentations on Leadership Types