1. Threads
  • Develop a multi-threaded application,
  • Create and run threads,
  • Write threads accessing shared resource properly,
  • Write collaborating threads.

2. GUI Development with Swing
  • Develop a GUI for an application,
  • Create and show windows,
  • Handle events,
  • Customize layout,
  • Add a menu to a window,
  • Use standard dialogs.

3. Applets
  • Create applets,
  • Run applets inside a web browser,
  • Define and use applet parameters,
  • Download data files.

4. Network Programming
  • Create network applications,
  • Create a client/server application using TCP,
  • Create a client/server application using UDP.

5. Persistence with JDBC
  • How to store/retrieve object to/from a persistent storage,
  • How to use JDBC to access databases,
  • Load a driver to access a database,
  • Create connections with a database,
  • Send SQL commands to a database,
  • Use recordsets to retrieve records from a database.
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