Basic single-stage transistor amplifiers and frequency responses. Multi-stage amplifiers. Feedback in amplifiers. Differential pair stages. Current mirrors. Operational amplifiers. Power amplifiers. Power supplies and regulators.

Diode waveshaping and compensated attenuator circuits. Transistor (BJT) switching circuits. Introduction to logic circuits. TTL, and CMOS NAND gates. Parallel adders, subtractors, and complementers. 430 Comparators with hysteresis. Multivibrator circuits using CMOS gates. Flip flop. Counters.

Basic structure of liberalized electrical markets, principles of deregulation, competition and market architecture, market power, wholesale trading, risk management, bilateral and multilateral contracts, hedging, eligible customers, national and cost based tariffs, price cap and revenue cap techniques, stranded costs, balancing and settlement task, spare-reserve capacity, marginal costs, quality of electricity, conditions for quality, retail wheeling, regulation of retail prices, demand management, regulation of transmission system, congestion management, implicit and explicit auctioning, ancillary services, regulation of distribution system, electricity trading by renewables, back-up and capacity trading by renewables, energy regulatory authorities, licensing, market monitoring, market monopoly, cross-monopoly, oligopoly, dominant position and abuse.

This course covers the following subjects:

  • Basic Principles of Electricity,
  • Circuit Analysis, 
  • AC Circuits,
  • AC Power,
  • Phasors,
  • Three Phase Systems,
  • Transformers,
  • Magnetic Circuits,
  • Electrical Safety