Topic outline

  • General


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    Instructor: Tarkan GÜRBÜZ
    Added: 26 August 2009

    • Topic 1

      First meeting, review of basic concepts
      (data, information, knowledge, learning and change)
    • Topic 2

      Introduction to knowledge management
      (fundamental concepts, definitions, brief history, framework and procedures)
      • Topic 3

        What is knowledge management?
        • Topic 4

          Knowledge management - Why?
          (The importance of knowledge management)
          • Topic 5

            Intellectual capital, Organizational learning, Learning organizations

            Midterm Exam

            • Topic 6

              Knowledge management - How to?
              (Essential tools, methods, systems)
              • Topic 7

                Knowledge management for education and research organizations
                • Topic 8

                  To develop knowledge management framework strategies in education and research
                  • Topic 9

                    Knowledge management strategies and models
                    • Topic 10

                      Evaluation of different knowledge management applications;
                      Project Assignment Due (Analyze and select tools, methods and systems to manage knowledge in education and research organizations)
                      • Topic 11

                        The relation between knowledge-change-performance and total quality management
                        • Topic 12

                          To implement knowledge management in education and research
                          (principles, steps, critical success factors)
                          • Topic 13

                            Starting the knowledge management initiative, Project Assignment Due
                            (Developing a knowledge management strategy for solving the Identified knowledge management problem)
                            • Topic 14

                              Final exam