Topic outline

  • General

    CEIT 522/622 Seminar In Instructional Technology

    Speaker : Myunghui Hong, Professor, Seoul National University of Education Dept. of Computer Education, South Korea (

    Title : Overview of Korean Educational system and ICT

    Abstract : The talk will be composed of three parts as following:

    First topic is "Korea at a Glance" of population, economy, and history.

    Second topic is "Korean Educational System". It will introduce Korea's

    6-3-3 education system  and statistics data of schools and about main educational issues of Korea.

    Last topic is about " Korea's ICT education" It will show the history of Natinal 5 major IT infrastructure construction  and status of art of school information.

    Nowadays, we are doing Smart Education which are including e-books, cloud computing, contents open market, on-line learning and evaluation, and teacher training. I would like to talk about comparing Smart Education and FATIH project in Turkey...

    • Topic 6

      December 21st  

      Topic: Science, Technology and Human: A philosopher's perspective

      Presenter: Prof.Dr. Ahmet Inam, Chair, Department of Philosophy