Week 6 - Video 1

Global Context of Turkey-EU Relations and the US factor

Soli Özel
Kadir Has University, Department of International Relations
MEDIATE, 6 April 2022

Soli Özel discusses the historical moments that influence Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations from a critical perspective. Throughout this detailed speech, the position of Turkey is discussed in line with the transformations in international relations. Özel concludes by stating insights on the possibilities in both Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations.


Outline of the Video Presentation

The effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on international relations

A brief look at the end of the Cold War era

The turning points of history from 1989 onwards

i. September 11
ii. 2008 Economic Crisis
iii. 2016 Brexit Referendum
iv. Election of Trump to the presidency of the US in 2016

Ramifications of decolonization

A weakened West and emerging ex-colonized world

A closer look at Russian – Ukraine relations

Turkey-EU relations

Cyprus issue

Important historical moments for the Turkey-EU relations

The position of America on Turkey’s membership

The discussion on Turkey being a western or eastern country

Augmented strategic importance of Turkey

Important occasions for Turkey-US relations

Ongoing accession process of Turkey to the EU

Turkish foreign policy transforming from a pragmatic one to an ideological driven

Conclusion by revisiting the possibilities in Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations