Week 8 - Video 2

Energy Issues

Dr. Nilgün Öner Tangör
Middle East Technical University
MEDIATE, 15 April 2022

Dr. Öner Tangör presents phases in the Turkey-EU relations with regard to the energy policy agendas. Emphasising the close link between geopolitical and economic concerns, she discusses the energy issue as a political one. After showing the different perspectives and interests among the EU countries in the energy debates, Dr. Öner Tangör proposes suggestions on the energy strategy.


Outline of the Video Presentation

Appearance of Turkey as an important country in the EU’s energy agenda

The initiation of the Southern gas corridor in 2008

Replacement of the Nabucco project by Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP)

Energy issue becoming primarily a political issue rather than an economic concern for Turkey

Russian-Ukraine crisis

A new problematic phase in the EU-Turkey relationship

Energy market regulations to be the key concern for the EU

The consensus and requirements on the definition of a regional energy hub

Different perspectives and interests within the EU regarding energy market liberalization and energy security debate

A pragmatic approach by the EU in a way to enhance cooperation with Turkey in the energy policy area

The changing role of Turkey in the eyes of the EU

The effects of privatization and state-owned economic enterprises on Turkey’s energy agenda

Conclusion with reference to the implications on the energy strategy