Week 12 - Video 1

Migration and Turkey-EU Relations

Assoc. Prof. Başak Kale
METU, Department of International Relations
MEDIATE, 24 May 2022

Assoc. Prof. Kale presents the general framework of how migration played an important role in Turkey – EU relations. After showing the impact of the accession process of Turkey to the EU on the Turkish legislation and policies, Kale discusses the EU’s effort to establish a common migration policy in detail. Bearing upon the refugee crisis, she calls attention to the revitalization of Turkey and EU relations. Kale closes her speech with a critical evaluation of recent developments on the migration issue.


Outline of the Video Presentation


The fact of migration in Turkish history before Turkey-EU relations

Impact of the accession process on Turkey’s legislation and policies

EU’s effort to establish a common migration policy

The difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee

The cooperation between Turkey and the EU on irregular migrants

i. Financial cooperation
ii. Geographic cooperation: 1951 Geneva Convention

Effects of the EU-Turkey accession negotiations

Syrian refugees in Turkey

Discussion on the temporariness of refugees in Turkey

Realization of the issue as a crisis and repercussions of the crisis in Europe

Revitalization of Turkey-EU relations

Cyprus and energy issues in the context of frozen EU-Turkey relations

Conclusion: A general appraisal