Week 12 - Video 2

Migration and Turkey-EU Relations

Assoc. Prof. Başak Yavçan
MEDIATE, 23 May 2022

Assoc. Prof. Yavçan evaluates the EU-TR relations from the perspective of migration as a policy issue. After presenting the current characterisation of the EU migration policy, the relationship between the EU and Turkey is discussed with reference to the concept of externalization. In that regard, EU-Turkey Migration Deal and its implications are assessed starting from 2015 to the recent developments, including the case of Ukraine. Yavçan concludes by drawing attention to the urgent problem areas in the refugee and border-sharing issues.


Outline of the Video Presentation


Current characterization of EU migration policy: internal and external dimensions

Refugee protection issue

Cooperation with the third countries on the migration policy: the policy of externalisation

The EU-Turkey relations in terms of externalization

EU-Turkey Migration Deal and its implications

Did migration cooperation between Turkey and the EU meet the hopes of more cooperation on the path to EU membership?

Irregular migrant issue

Border dispute

Recent developments in the resilience of the Turkish society and the Syrian refugee community: health care, education, and beneficiaries

Are the ways of supporting refugee groups in Turkey sufficient?

Urgent problem areas and suggestions

Discussion on burden sharing and solidarity for the case of Ukraine

Conclusion: What does the EU-Turkey deal mean?