Week 13 - Video 1

Public Opinion and Turkey-EU Relations

Assoc. Prof. Özgehan Şenyuva
METU, Department of International Relations
MEDIATE, 2 June 2022

Assoc. Prof. Şenyuva presents the discussions around public opinion on the European consensus and EU membership. With the help of concepts like permissive consensus and Euroscepticism, Şenyuva enlightens the representation question. After analyzing the case of support for EU membership, Şenyuva concludes with reference to a debate on differentiated integration.


Outline of the Video Presentation


How much the EU is affecting the everyday lives of the member state citizens and Turkey?

Permissive consensus

The original idea behind the European consensus

The democratic deficit of the EU

Representation issue: Does the European Parliament truly represents the majority of the European citizens?

The effect of European Parliament decisions on the national politics


Analysis of the case of supporting EU membership

Types of support: reservoir and specific support

Comparing public opinion in member countries vs candidate countries

Factors affecting public opinion on support: rational calculation, trust, and national politics

European public opinion on Turkish membership in the EU

Conclusion: Debate on differentiated integration