Week 14 - Video 1

Future of Turkey-EU Relations

Prof. Atila Eralp
METU, Department of International Relations
MEDIATE, 6 June 2022

Prof. Eralp discusses the future of Turkey-EU relations in the context of the future of Europe debates under the influence of the turbulent international context. Eralp draws attention to the headlines of future debates such as green transformation, critique of neoliberalism, becoming more policy-oriented, multilateralism, enlargement, and security. After presenting the current and future portraits of Turkey-Eu relations, Eralp concludes his words by elaborating on what to expect from Turkey-EU relations in the future.


Outline of the Video Presentation


Redefinition of Europe and multiple crises

Future debates for EU:

i. Green transformation and criticism of neoliberalism
ii. Focus shifts on the policies rather than the institutions in the EU
iii. Debate on creating a more geopolitical Europe and multilateralism
iv. Discussion on enlargement
v. Issue of creating a secure architecture

The present and future of the Turkey-EU relationship

Turkey-EU relationship turns into a transactional one

The divergence in the time frames of the EU and Turkey

New security orientation and retreat from unilateral foreign policies

Relationship between domestic and international policies

What to expect from Turkey-EU relations in the future?

Concluding remarks