Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction to the Course

Week 2: Historical development of Turkey-EU relations

Week 3-4-5: Theoretical Approaches to Turkey-EU relations

     Europeanisation/De-Europeanisation; Differentiated Integration; Critical Political Economy

Week 6: Changing global context and Turkey-EU Relations

     Role of US in Turkey-EU relations; Transatlantic relations.

Week 7-8 Politics of Turkey-EU relations

     Cyprus issue; Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean

Week 9: Economics of Turkey-EU relations
     Customs Union between EU and Turkey; EU Green Deal and Turkey

Week 10-11 Governance of Turkey-EU Relations

     In Turkey and in the European Union (European Council and EU Summits; European
Commission; European Parliament)

Week 12-13: Issues in Turkey-EU Relations

     Migration; and, Public opinion

Week 14: Future of Turkey-EU Relations

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