Week 6 Reading List

Eralp, A., & Keyman, E. F. (2020). A Fumbling or An Enabling European Union: Envisioning Multilateralism in A Post-Corona World. IPC Mercator Policy Brief.

Tocci, N. (2012). Let’s talk Turkey! US influence on EU–Turkey relations. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 25:3, pp. 399-416.

Arısan-Eralp, N., Aydın-Düzgit, S., Eralp, A., Keyman, E. F., & Nas, Ç. (2021). Turkey-U.S. Relations in the Changing Transatlantic Context. IPC Mercator Policy Brief.

Öniş, Z. & Yılmaz, S. (2005) The Turkey-EU-US Triangle in Perspective: Transformation or Continuity? Middle East Journal, 59/2, pp. 265-284.

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