Week 13 Reading List

Şenyuva, Ö. (2018). Turkish public opinion and the EU membership: between support and mistrust, FEATURE Online Paper Series No. 26, October 2018.

Şenyuva, Ö. (2018). Turkey-EU relations hit by populist rhetoric. In Ç. Üstün (ed.), The Rise and Fall of Europeanization: What is Next for Turkey-EU Relations?. Peter Lang.

Çarkoğlu, A., & Kentmen, Ç. (2011). Diagnosing Trends and Determinants in Public Support for Turkey's EU membership. South European Society and Politics, 16(3), pp. 365–379.

Yaka, Ö. (2016) Why Not EU? Dynamics of the Changing Turkish Attitudes Towards EU Membership, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 24:1, pp. 149-170.

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