Week 14 Reading List

Eralp, A. (2019). Multilateralism Matters: Toward A Rules-Based Turkey-EU Relationship. IPC Mercator Policy Brief, May 2019.

Eralp, A. (2018). Revitalizing Turkey-EU Relations? IPC Mercator Policy Brief, March 2018.

Saatçioğlu, B., Tekin, F. Ekim, S. & Tocci, N. (2019). The Future of EU-Turkey Relations: A Dynamic Association Framework amidst Conflictual Cooperation, FEATURE Synthesis Paper, March 2019.

Toygur, İ. (2022). A New Way Forward for EU-Turkey. Carnegie Europe.

Adar, S. (2022) A Long-Term Outlook at the EU-Turkey Relations: Is (Strategic) Partnership Under the Shadow of Strategic Autonomy Possible? TUSIAD Global Politics Forum – Institut Du Bosphore – Berlin Bosphorus Initiative Briefing Series 2022, Article 1 The World and Turkey in the Interregnum.

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