Topic outline

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    Instructor: Tarkan GÜRBÜZ
    Added: 26 August 2009

  • Topic 1

    First meeting, review of course syllabus and requirements, discussion about recent profound changes in the knowledge based economy and society regarding the impact of ICT and e-transformation
  • Topic 2

    The role of technology in learning, knowledge management and organizational learning
    • Topic 3

      Introduction to e-learning (basic concepts, definitions and perspectives), types of e-learning, and business drivers for e-learning, implementation of e-learning.
      • Topic 4

        Organizational renewal and investing in e-learning, benefits and ROI of e-learning.
        • Topic 5

          Organizational capabilities required for successful e-learning and change management
          • Topic 6

            The e-learning Industry Landscape (players, products, markets)

            Midterm Examination

            • Topic 7

              Preliminary session aimed at providing fundamental concepts needed for the participants to construct a business understanding
              • Topic 8

                Business design principles, market processes in e-learning business
                • Topic 9

                  E-learning market analysis, e-learning business analysis,

                  Developing Marketing Plan Assignment Due

                  • Topic 10

                    E-learning business design, e-learning business models
                    • Topic 11

                      E-learning marketplace,

                      Developing Business Plan Assignment Due

                      • Topic 12

                        Legal and ethical considerations, strategic partnerships and funding, special issues in e-learning and the global environment
                        • Topic 13

                          Key success factors in e-learning business, the future of e-learning business
                          • Topic 14

                            Student project presentations

                            Final examination