Topic outline

  • General


    Instructor: Claire ÖZEL

    Added: 2 September 2010

    • Topic 1

      First writing.
      Course aims and expectations
      Simulation part 1.
    • Topic 2

      ‘Attitudes and Behaviour’
      Simulation part 2.
      First guest.
      Submission: All ‘first writings’ must be handed in.
      • Topic 3

        Projects: introduction.
        ‘Models of disability’
        Second guest.
        • Topic 4

          Disability in Education: Introduction
          Project options: Initial choices
          Third guest
          • Topic 5

            Disability in Education: What can be done
            Project choices made and outline submitted
            Fourth guest
            Visit to rehabilitation centre.
            • Topic 6

              Disability in Education: Turkish realities and possibilities.
              Images: how do we come across, what do we chose, can we change images
              Fifth guest
              • Topic 7

                Students to bring newspaper articles/photos
                Media images of disability in the light of Models of Disability
                Submission: Project progress report
                Sixth guest
                • Topic 8

                  Teacher Roles and Responsibility: the Social Model of Disability
                  Seventh guest
                  Transition: home-school, between schools, into university, into work
                  Photo collections -1-
                  • Topic 9

                    Support networks: involving family, peers and school staff
                    Language and body language that empower
                    Quality of life.
                    Photo collections -2-
                    • Topic 10

                      Assessment and testing: reasonable adjustments
                      ‘Tipping points’
                      Photo collections -3-
                    • Topic 11

                      Poster presentations
                      Submission: Reflection paper
                      • Topic 12

                        Poster presentations
                        • Topic 13

                          Poster presentations.
                          Course review.
                          Submission: Project reports and Diaries