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    WEEK 2

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    WEEK 3

  • Topic 4

    WEEK 4

    UNIT 2: ART

    DEBATE: You Call That Art?

    • Preparation: you will read two short texts and underline arguments for and against graffiti
    • Get into 5 groups: City Residents For , City Residents Against, The City Council,  the Graffiti Artists, and Clean City Platform Activists
    • Support your arguments to defend your own position and try to challenge the other groups

    SPEAKING HELP: Language of Discussions

    You may  find some useful expressions you may need to use during the debate in Unit 2 of your coursebook.

    THE SOUND OF ENGLISH: Problem Sounds in English


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    Topic 5

    WEEK 5


    You will give a four-minute presentation on a news item about art. You may refer to the attached documents for guidelines and the grading rubric.

  • Topic 6

    WEEK 6


    READING: How Retailers Trick You into Buying More?

    • Read the text in your book and identify the three most effective retailer tricks.
    • Discuss with your partner about what makes these tactics effective.

    LISTENING: Neuromarketing - Brainwashing or Smart Marketing?

    • Pre-listening: Definition of Neuromarketing & Predicting about the points the speaker may address in the interview about neuromarketing
    • Listening: While-listening Task

    TALK ABOUT IT: Mini Presentation

    • Read the excerpt titled "Common Strategies Used in TV Commercials" (pg.103)
    • Choose a TV Commercial that you think is effective
    • Analyze the commercial by answering the questions provided in your book (pg. 103)
    • Present your opinions about the techniques used in the commercial and their effectiveness to your classmates in 2-3 minutes.
    • Topic 7

      WEEK 7


      ORAL SYNTHESIS: Effects of Price Tags on Consumers

      STEP 1: Read the excerpt and identify the key points about the effects of price tags on consumers' behaviours and perceptions.

      STEP 2: Listen to the radio news from The Naked Scientists:Science Radio & Science Podcasts" As you listen, take notes about the experiment and the findings explained in the news.

      STEP 3: Prepare a 2-minute speech synthesizing the two pieces of information-reading and listening pieces. Please remember to orally cite the sources in your synthesis.

      PANEL DISCUSSION: Product Placement in Movies

      • Preparation: Get some background information and identify the major reasons why big companies prefer this type of advertising by reading the text on page 107.
      • Get into 5 Groups:Advertisers, Scriptwriters, Producers, Viewers For, Viewers Against
      • In your groups, brainstorm some ideas to support your own arguments and to refute the arguments of the opposing groups.
      • Hold a class discussion

      SPEAKING HELP: Language of Panel Discussions

      You may find some useful expressions you may need during the discussion in Unit 3, page 11 of your coursebook.

      THE SOUND OF ENGLISH: Word Stress in English

    • Topic 8

      WEEK 7


      PRESENTATION SKILLS: Parts of a Presentation

      • Introduction: Attention-getting strategies, Tips, Sample Introductions
      • Body: Types of supporting techniques
      • Conclusion: Components of a conclusion, Sample Conclusions

      SPEAKING HELP: Signpost Language in Presentations

      • Analyzing a presentation script
    • Topic 9

      WEEK 8


      You will give a  presentation on the marketing strategies applied by some stores in your neighborhood based on your observations. You may refer to the attached documents for guidelines and the grading rubric.

    • Topic 10

      WEEK 9


      LISTENING: The Transhumanist Nightmare

      • Pre-listening: Definition of transhumanism and predicting the points the speaker might address in the interview.
      • Listening: Note-taking & answering comprehension questions using the notes.

      TALK ABOUT IT: Transhumanism Under Spotlight

      • You will work in groups to answer the questions in your book in the light of the information provided in the interview you listened to earlier.
      • you will present your groups' viewpoint in a class discussion that will follow.

      READING: Inventions That Will Shape The Future

      • In groups, you will work on one of the inventions explained in the text and get ready to present a 2-3 minute oral report to the class. Your report should include the following:
        • uses, advantages, disadvantages of the invention
        • other possible uses it might have in the future
        • future implications of the widespread usage of this invention

      MINI PRESENTATION: What is Your Dream Invention?

      • Work in pairs to design your dream gadget and present it to the rest of the class who will act as a jury to choose the winning design.
      • your presentation should cover the following points:
        • introduction of the gadget
        • how it works
        • potential uses
        • benefits/advantages
      • Topic 11

        WEEK 10


        ROLEPLAY: Conflict Resolution

        • You will work in pairs to choose one of the cases given in your book and prepare a dialogue with your partner to reflect the relationship problem presented in your role card and the solution you decided on.
        • you will then act out the role you selected in front of the class.

        THE SOUND OF ENGLISH: Intonation patterns in English

        PRESENTATION SKILLS: Literature Research

        • How to cite sources orally
        • Written vs. Oral discourse
        • Integration of Literature Research

        SPEAKING HELP: Language of Oral Citations

        • Using signal phrases
        • Achieving stylistic effectiveness
      • Topic 12

        WEEK 11


        You will give an informative presentation about a technology-related topic of your own choice. The goal of this presentation is to inform the audience about your topic based on your literature research. You are expected to use at least three reliable academic sources and orally cite them during your speech. You may refer to the attached guidelines and the grading rubric for further information.

      • Topic 13

        WEEK 12


        The end product of this course is to give a formal, academic presentation about a topic of your choice related to the five themes explored in this course. Your aim in this presentation is to give a balanced view of the selected topic based on extensive literature research. Since this is the last presentation of the course, you are expected to display a thorough understanding and competence of the presentation skills covered throughout the course. You may refer to the attached guidelines and the grading rubric for further information.