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    • Topic 1

      Week 1: Definition of Success

      This week, we will focus on the concept of success and focus on some people who are branded "successful" by their communities. There will be various listening and speaking tasks.

      Questions of the week:

      How does your society define success? Do you agree with this definition? Is there anything missing in this definition?

      Can you think of some people who do not fit the society's definition of success, but are still happy and healthy individuals? Who are they? Are they not successful? What makes the society think so?

      What is your own definition of success?

      • Topic 2

        Week 2: Your abilities, interests & values

        This week we will explore our own abilities, interests and values. This will involve reflective thinking, as well as some language study and writing.

        Questions of the week:

        1. What abilities do you have that distinguish you from the crowd? How did you gain these abilities? How do they enrich you? What can you do with them?

        2. Do you have any passions in life that you want to follow? What are they? Why are they important to you?

        3. Do you know your values? If you had to summarize the values you live by in 3 words/phrases, what would they be?

      • Topic 3

        Week 3: The Application Process

        Now that we have focused on our abilities, interests and values, we will turn to the application process.  

        Questions of the week:

        1. Considering your abilities, interests and values, what sector would be best for you? What is your dream career? How can you justify your choice?

        2. Where can you seek your dream job? Try to find a job advert for yourself.

        3. Do the requirements of this opening match your abilities, interests and values? (If not, reconsider your choice!)

      • Topic 4

        Week 4: Job Inquiry

        This week we will search for job openings, and practice phone and email inquiries. This will involve language study and vocabulary development.

        Questions of the week:

        1. Have you ever written a formal email for a job opening, an internship or for graduate study? Was it in English or in your own language? Was it successful? Did it motivate a response?

        2. How is a formal email different from a friendly one? Give specific examples.

      • Topic 5

        Week 5: CVs, cover letters & application forms

        This week we will analyze sample CVs, cover letters and application forms, and then write our own.

      • Topic 6

        Week 6: Portfolio Contents

        This week we will polish the documents to be included in the course portfolio: CV, cover letter and application forms.

      • Topic 7

        Week 7 : Job Interviews

        This week's focus is the dreaded job interview! Watch the videos and complete the worksheets available.

      • Topic 8

        Week 8: Job Interviews (Continued)

        This week, we will continue exploring interviews. We will focus on different types of interviews, first impressions and tricky interview questions. There will be videos of previous student interviews to watch and criticize, as well as real, in-class interviews with volunteering students.

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          Topic 9

          Week 9: Workplace Ethics & Values

          This week we will focus on ethics and values in the workplace.

          Questions of the Week:

          1. Why is ethics important in the workplace?

          2. What are some common workplace ethics violations? Why are these bad?

          3. What core values should an effective organization have?

          4. What is the relationship between values and ethical behavior?